Workshops, Staff Development, Motivational Speaking

Sometimes you just have to get your employees inspired, Light a Fire under their seats or bring them together to develop better skills.

The Result: Better Cooperation and Communications amongst team members, between departments or in relating to the public.

Imara offers unique and fascinating group events that will challenge your workers to open their minds as they learn new skills. You receive the double benefit of observing and learning which employees are best suited to advancement by their openness and flexibility.

Every event is uniquely developed by Imara for you and your attendees. Imara does NOT offer ‘canned programs’ repeated over and over from town to town, no matter the audience. She will create a specific, energizing, enlightening and unforgettable retreat or day program according to your needs, objectives and budget.

Imara’s own unique combination of talents and training, including training and skills developed in the entertainment industry, make for an Inspirational Speaker that will have your attendees stirring in their seats to take action.

2-for-1 Benefit: Interactive and experiential workshops by Imara can also be designed to give you the ability to assess your staff. While attendees benefit through experiential learning , you get to observe that participation and better understand their individual flexibility, adaptability and potential demonstrated in such workshops.

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