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A fundamental premise of Imara’s success with clients is that she sees every person, every project, every company as possessing a unique purpose or niche in the ‘eco-system’ of the world, market, life.

Imara does not expect you to be satisfied with cookie-cutter programs or fixed formats you must follow.

YOU choose how (and how much) to work with Imara. Consult with her Ad-hoc by appointment/event or have her on retainer for priority scheduling and immediate access when needed.

Private Consultations by Phone or in Person

  • Imara works worldwide with her clients. In fact, some of her top clients have loyally and consistently benefited from her consulting while never having met her in person.
  • Imara is Based in Denver Metro area of Colorado for in-person consulting. People fly in from vast distances to see Imara or perhaps you are lucky enough to live in Colorado!

Bring The Wisdom Light® to You

  • For individual consultative time
  • For working with a group of people you organize
  • As a featured Speaker

Employee Retreats and Remote Meetings

Need to get the ho-hum out of your staff gatherings, enlist enthusiasm and participation amongst invited attendees and, most importantly, make your investment in such meetings and retreats effective and empowering long after the meeting is over? Perhaps you might consider having Imara prepare a program uniquely designed for you and your attendees/target audience.

  • Imara customizes unique programs for each event, depending on your your objectives, time and audience. Such workshop style programs are inter-active and can take several forms, using multiple modalities in which Imara is expert and which she can employ for working with any size group.
To book an appointment with Imara or discuss your needs:

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