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In the modern world, time is money. Time is opportunity. Lost time is opportunity lost. Of all the aspects of business that have changed in our lifetimes, the acceleration of life's pace has impacted us the most. We are expected to respond faster, adapt readily and yet, typically, we have neither the knowledge nor understanding to make the best decisions in the time available.

This is how Imara fills in the missing pieces. This is where Imara becomes your secret asset, your defining edge. As one NBC producer said, "You never know when you enter a conference room who has just gotten off the phone with Imara, and has the advantage." Like her many and varied clients who span all industries, all philosophies, the spectrum of political persuasions and regardless of their belief systems when they first consulted with Imara, you too may access Imara's Consulting with a Vision™ that she may become your secret asset.

Imara is top-ranked for her amazingly incisive, straight-to-the-heart-of-the-matter, intuitive talents that she uses in combination with her decades of business experience to provide business consulting services and career development advice to her clients worldwide.

Imara's clients benefit from the unique triad formed by Imara's own myriad business accomplishments, upon her base of a premier education, differentiated by her unique visionary abilities. Intelligence, Intuition, Integrity: Imara!

Incisive, Specific, actionable details are what differentiate Imara's counsel from most Intuitives. Not just the 'what', but the 'why', as well as the 'how' are provided. The breadth of her work across a wide spectrum of industries brings an experience level to the table that is hard to-find.

This powerful triad is the foundation for her individualized intuitive business and career consulting approach that generates results...Results that inspire enthusiasm, loyalty and gratitude from her clients thanks to the success she guides them to achieve.

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Intuitive Business Advisor, Career Coach, Motivational Speaker

Who takes counsel from Imara? CEOs, top level executives, board members, middle managers, team leaders, entrepreneurs, medical and legal professionals, philanthropists, authors, psycho-therapists and more. Mainstream, educated, high level professionals count themselves among Imara's confidential clientele. Not a few are skeptical at first, referred to Imara by an associate, a family member or reading about her in business media. It is her credentials from Northwestern University and blue-chip organizations that often give them the confidence to open the door, take a risk. But it is the quality and results they receive from her advice that generate loyalty. The scope of issues and situations with which Imara is able to advise them suddenly grows. New clients often respond with "I can't believe it took me so long to call you." "How do you do that? You are amazing". "Very productive. Excellent perspective and advice." "This turned out to be some of the smartest money I have ever spent ."

Investigated and top-ranked by Simon& Schuster as one of the select few featured in the book 100 Top Psychics in America (as a top Business Psychic), profiled in USNews and other national and regional media, covered on the front page of mainstream newspapers regarding her work in economic forecasting, Silicon Valley and others, featured on Colorado's 7 and 9News, Imara is no ordinary Northwestern MBA. Educated at top universities in US and Europe with blue-chip corporate credentials, Imara is no ordinary 'psychic'.

Benefit from Imara's breadth of skills, her decades of accomplishments, her proven advantage.