Business Consulting & Contract Negotiations

Consulting with a Vision™


  • Creative Solutions
  • Cost-Effectiveness
  • Profitability with Integrity

Imara’s four decades of independent consulting provides depth of experience that benefits her clients. Her talents not only provide her the ability to bring the big picture into focus and connect the dots for her clients, but her reputation and ranking rose through her unique ability to quickly provide Down-to-Earth, Specific and Practical Implementation advice in the areas of :

  • Business Strategy & Development, Tactical Planning, Opportunity /Option Evaluations
  • Marketing Strategy, Branding, Naming, Logo Creation, Niche Placement and Identification
  • Hidden Internal and External Factors impacting your business now or that will in the future
  • Staff Hiring, Development, Management,
  • Organizational & Personnel Issues, Transition Planning
  • Personnel Reviews
  • Board Meeting Preparation
  • Price and Contract Negotiations
  • Avoiding the pitfalls that lay before you when you are too close and personally invested in the outcome.

One of the aspects of her work that keeps Imara passionate about what she does is that she works with clients across all industries, professions, experience levels. That variety brings breadth of knowledge and connections that enhance her intuitive skills. Some industries and professionals , by the very nature of their business, are particularly suited to and benefit measurably from Imara’s Consulting with a Vision™ and Imara has developed quite a following amongst people involved in those industries. Some of them are highlighted on the other tabs of this “Expertise” section.

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  • “You’ve helped me become a better business man, but more importantly, you’ve helped me become a better person. “
    - 19 year Client & Business Owner grown to become a Philanthropist & Industry Developer
  • “People that have not worked with an intuitive consultant before, don’t realize that they’re getting a Ferrari right out of the gate when they consult with her.”
    - KG, Author, Business writer