Real Estate Industry

Imara’s real estate clients benefit from her intuition and insightfulness to avoid costly mistakes, bad deals and maximize returns on investments.

Real Estate Professionals and Investors:

Anyone can tell you that fast turns and knowledge about any hidden issues are the essence of success in real estate. But not everyone has access to Imara’s insight which has proven to be invaluable to helping Real Estate Industry Professionals stand-out and investors succeed.

Where deals can slip through your hands in a matter of hours, let Imara be your secret tool to successful pricing strategies, property marketing, contract negotiations, disclosure of hidden physical property issues or psycho-emotional factors with buyers/sellers.

Imara has been a behind-the-scenes, ‘secret asset’ to real estate professionals and private investors in hundreds of real estate transactions across the U.S.

She unlocks the nuances and best approaches to each project. Walking the talk, Imara has herself been a successful investor and active manager of real estate holdings. She has attended Real Estate Agent Licensing School and participates regularly in Continuing Education Credit classes regarding real-estate specialty subjects for professionals to keep herself industry-current. That real world experience enhances her incisive intuition to make her uniquely qualified to work with clients in in the arena of buying, selling, investing in property.

Consulting with her on both individual listings, as well as their brokerage overall, Imara’s professional real estate clients develop long, successful careers, thriving in an environment of daily risk, uncertainty and internet competition.

“Everything always moves and deals close after I talk to you.” – Long term Client, Illinois Realtor®

Homeowners, Personal Real Estate Projects:

For private homeowners negotiating the biggest deal of their lives, usually with little experience, and while trying to juggle the market influences beyond their control, the lack of access to inside information can be life-changing. Imara’s insight and specificity about all aspects of any transaction (pricing, positioning, sales prep, negotiating, timing and the energetics), have been invaluable to families getting that dream home or selling the old one.

“You made it possible for my husband and I to sell our lifelong home and move to this wonderful retirement community. Everything was exactly as you said it would be in selling our home and in getting here . We are so happy here. Thank you.”