Career Development, Mentoring, Coaching

Yes, Imara works with CEOs, Business Owners and Team Leaders regarding their companies as a whole, but Imara also has a long-established reputation working with clients on their INDIIVIDUAL professional goals. She has built decades of trust earned through successfully helping her clients improve their rank, security and income across a broad diversity of professions.

Strategic planning, career advancement, personal wealth development, employer/supervisor management and negotiation, partner/team management and communications are all elements to be dealt with when maximizing career goals. And if you don’t like where you are, even the identification of a more successful and rewarding career!

Thanks to regular counsel, Imara’s clients who have worked with her consistently throughout their careers have often achieved the pinnacle of success in their industry or profession and personal satisfaction of goal achievement. In fact, several of Imara’s clients have actually risen to be noted for becoming ‘the highest paid xxxxxx’ in their industry, to obtain contracts for employment when none are standard, to have actually had jobs created in recognition of their talents. You may have even seen newspaper articles or TV news shows lauding “record breaking contracts” in publishing and film industries.

With professional success comes personal empowerment, with personal empowerment comes a more confident, secure, peaceful individual able to contribute to their community and the world-at-large in a much more positive way.

Some of the signs that trigger new clients to call Imara:

  • Feeling stuck in your job or career?
  • Opportunity always seem to knock for someone else?
  • Not being recognized for your efforts?
  • Need help identifying the hidden factors that are affecting your promotability or success?
  • Interpersonal relationship problems hindering you professionally?
  • How to negotiate an offer, your annual review?
  • The best way to achieve your career goals? Do you have the right career goals?
  • Yearning for more fulfilling career or life’s purpose?
  • Find yourself feeling like a hamster on a wheel without hope of satisfaction?
  • Trouble finding balance in life and not going crazy trying to do so?

For Consulting with a Vision, Empowerment for Life, call Imara at 303-575-1100