Authors, Artists, Creative Visionaries

Some of the most creative minds have the greatest need for assistance in grounding that creative genius or unique worldview into real world manifestation.

Translating a creative concept into practical application, seeing the possibilities of unique talents or how one’s different perspective can fit into the world, teaching necessary organizational and follow-through skills are all ways that Imara has made powerful impacts on turning ideas into careers, confusion into clarity. From the big picture concepts down to the nitty-gritty of project development and execution, focus prioritization, artist’s blocks, even story development and line-editing, Imara enjoys bringing clarity and manifestation to your creative inspirations .

She is proud to have helped clients become bestselling authors, wealthy artists and be credited in several book acknowledgements across a spectrum of styles and topics.

If you are lost in the non-linear confusion of your unique mind or don’t know how to turn an unusual idea into reality, CALL Imara to bring focus to your ideas and talents and clarity how to manifest them into a marketable, successful career or finished product.