Non-Profit Organizations, Social-Entrepreneurs

Some people are born with a passion to devote every waking hour to helping others, change the world, do good or be part of organizations that do just that.

Non-Profits have a unique set of challenges---public scrutiny, politically charged environments, geo-political impediments, retaining good staff, constant need to compete for and attract limited resources from the public. Imara has long years of regularly advising several international, non-profit, charitable organizations in all aspects of Business Consulting, Funding Development, Public/media Relations, Staff Management. While some charities are proud to have Imara aid them and publicly donate to their functioning, for more conservative charities or those with a religious base, typically she provides counsel most discreetly, in sensitivity to public perceptions or the religious views of large donors or some board members.

Imara, who herself left a far more lucrative, corporate career, is proud to help others take on the challenge of doing good across the planet, even though she must do so anonymously and without credit for those organizations. In her own personal life, Imara has contributed many hours through the decades volunteering for non-profits for which she feels passionate or has been requested to help.

Imara takes pride in guiding her non-profit clients of social consciousness toward ensuring that their good works may benefit many, be long-lived and inspire others.