Imara’s top-ranked intuitive skills and recognized talents, together with her decades of business accomplishments form a powerful combination. This combination is the foundation for her unique consulting approach that generates results.….Results that inspire enthusiasm, loyalty and gratitude amongst her clients for the success she guides them to achieve. Many of Imara’s clients continue to consult with her for the entirety of their careers or the life of their companies that often, she helped them start or improve.

Business Consulting, Contract Negotiations, Strategy and Tactics Counseling:

  • “It’s amazing how her approach translated into Bottom-line productivity.”
    - Vice President, Service Industry
  • “You just saved me from a major mistake---a thousands-of-dollars mistake! Thank goodness for you."
    - JS, High School Principal
  • “She has a 95% accuracy rate---I tracked her consultations and predictions for years.”
    - SP, Management Consultant
  • “As of today, I am reaching my goal to sell $10,000 in retail volume for the month. Magic happens when you believe in it and combine it with action. Thanks for all your support! I am going to achieve all my goals---you definitely helped me so much to believe in myself. Thank you!"
    - AB, Entrepreneur, Healthcare Industry
  • “Imara has always been so encouraging, supportive and keeps me on track. I have progressed so much Financially, Professionally, Personally since knowing her and receiving her advice during the last 10 years. She is so amazing. I value her advice and it has paid off every time.”
    - CS, Executive Chef
  • “Yes….We are going to win [lawsuit]. You helped me so much. Today could not have gone better. I could reach through my computer and kiss you…on another note, you also predicted correctly that…….I am THRILLED and you were right.”
    - KB, Investor, Business Developer.
  • “I look forward to working with you in the future. Your predictions are amazingly accurate. With the farm economy in its worse recession since 1986, I’m sure there will be plenty of questions about agriculture in the near future. I will be in touch soon.”
    - BH, Business Owner, Agriculturist
  • “Right after and ever since we spoke with you the momentum has gotten going and so many good opportunities have presented themselves.”
    - JS, Founder Non-Profit Organization
  • “One of the most valuable things I’ve ever done.”
    - TS, Nationwide Business & Marketing Consultant
  • “I can’t believe how right-on target you are!”
    - CA, Human Resource Manager
  • “For a decade she has never been wrong about my money. When she predicts money or a promotion for me, I can bank on it.”
    - DD, Banker
  • “Hello Imara. Thanks again for your insight last night. It blows my mind that you are capable of seeing so much! Talk to you soon. In the meantime, I am in reprogram mode!”
    - AS, Director of Asian Operations, Major US Shoe Brand
  • “You do so much for so many people. Thank you for helping us.”
    - Non-Profit Organization
  • “You saved the company $40,000 in negotiating that contract and reaching an agreement. Thank you."
    – DW, Venture Capitalist, Medical Technology Industry
  • “Thought you might want an update….I’m enclosing my estimated income sheet for the PR business alone (!) For the first several months of working on my own. The numbers should bring a smile to your face. Then, consider that the website and mail order business are taking off…we did about $11,000 in the past 50 Days. You can say, “I told you so!" All this because of you!!!! That’s a far cry from the past 8 years.“
    - JL, Public Relations Agent, Entrepreneur
  • “You are AMAZING, you give so much of yourself and you live your life with such integrity!”
    - DC, Business Owner
  • “You gave up a lot when you left the corporate world to do what you do. We’re all grateful to you for following through. You’ve been a great light to so many, showing us our path. Thank you!
    - MT, Bar Manager
  • “Imara thanks so much for sharing your gift. We will always be grateful for your help.”
    — Chiropractic Practice
  • “Thanks again for your insight and ideas about my negotiations to get me on permanently with XYZ Engineering. Everything went GREAT, especially because of your suggestion regarding preparation of my facts and figures. So, I’m really pleased as punch about the whole situation.”
    – MN, Job Seeker, Engineering Field
  • “I feel so indebted to you for your counsel and advice. I credit you with helping unlock a tremendous potential within me. The changes that are occurring are truly awesome! Your ability to create meaningful images makes the internalization of the information you have for me seem so easy. As a result of our sessions, I find that two major transformations have begun to occur. ….For bringing this new clarity as well as this new, highly accelerated pace, I thank you. Now, I better bring my feet back down to the ground and put some immediate energy into moving ahead……bring forth tangible results. I look forward to our next session.”
    - JH, Business Developer, VC Consultant
  • “Imara I picked up the government’s decision in the mail; it was positive. [A decision worth hundreds of thousands of $$$]. I was so emotional that I sobbed. To just say Thank You seems so little. I am blessed with you in my world. Your have no idea how much your support and help handling this situation is appreciated.”
    - GS, State Government Claimant
  • “Thank you. Your perspective is always helpful.”
    - Law Professor & Dept Chair, Major US University.
  • “You are amazing. How do you do that?! I always enjoy working with you.”
    – TP, Hotel/Resort Industry Exec.

Real Estate Industry and Transactions:

  • “The approval [you advised me how to get] just came through. Everything always moves immediately after we speak!”
    - NG, Real Estate Broker
  • “I want to tell you that you were right-on about the land my wife and I wanted to buy. You cautioned us not to pay more than $277,000 for it. You also offered a lower price bid to propose to the seller. We got the property for $266,000 and the appraisal came back at exactly $276,000! You were so specific. Oh and you said there was already another offer submitted that we would be competing with, and that a condition would be proposed by the seller that we would meet. There was a competitive bid, there was a condition proposed, and it was a condition that we were able to meet.”
    - PP, Certified Financial Planner, Investor and Entrepreneur.
  • “I want to tell you that you absolutely get the credit for selling our house a few years ago so we could retire and move to this wonderful community where we have been so happy.”
    - EB, Retired
  • “In our first meeting I questioned you about a land deal with a woman and her son. You explained that I was leaving someone out—you saw a third person as key. Soon after our reading I sent a new proposal, this time including that third person's name. Within a week we had the audience we had been waiting for two years. Thirty days later, we made a deal for the largest farm land purchase in the history of the region. Thank you again.”
    – BH, Farmer, Land Investor
  • “Dear Imara, Thank you so much for all your assistance. I am so thankful that you are in my life and business. You are truly an amazing person.”
    - LB, Real Estate Broker
  • “You have a new follower, my dear. You are so right-on. You will recall we consulted you regarding our property that was not selling. Within 2 days of doing what you suggested at the property, we had a buyer. You had foreseen that a ‘female would be bringing in the contract’. I didn’t understand that since our realtor was a male, but then it turned out that our realtor had a female assistant who brought in the buyer and handled everything. You had predicted that a sale would occur and close within 12 weeks. The deal was closed and money wired to us in the 10th week!”
    - EB, Property Seller


  • “Thanks once again! I appreciate your extra effort. AS you can see, I did make it to work in London! Thank you!!!
    - Public Relations Agent
  • “Without you, this book would not exist”
    – JL, Public Relations Agency Owner, Author
  • “You were right. There is nothing else to say. With Love and Affection”
    – Allan Folsom
    Bestselling author of Day After Tomorrow, Day of Confession, The Exile, Machiavelli Covenant and TV Episodic Screenwriter
  • “Imara last year you gazed into the inside of my book project and gave me info about my book and it is all coming true. I’m so excited. I’m getting great reviews from magazines and other professionals, as you predicted. I’ve been telling all my music industry friends about you! Thank you”
    - J, Author and Professional Musician
  • “Thanks so much for your time. Consultations with you are always uplifting and inspiring. And I tell everyone you are so specific; that’s what makes you different. My conversation with my editor went better. You were exactly right about my husband’s job situation. You are a gem and I feel so blessed to have you in my life. With Gratitude,”
    - KH, Author
  • “Thank you, thank you, thank you for taking the time to go over my manuscript with me. Your insights and impressions were profound and intriguing. Your edits were also most appreciated. “
    - KG, Novelist
  • “I thank her for not letting me pull the wool over my own eyes, and calling it like it is. You only lose when you try to deceive yourself and others. Thank you for your support and flexibility.”
    - KW, Chef
  • “Thanks once again for your clearly focused reading. I feel that really cleared the air in my business relationship with my Editor. And your read on my reviewer has helped greatly. I already sense a subtle change in the energy between us. You inspire us all to BE and DO—share our gifts. With Appreciation,"
    - KG, Freelance Writer

Workshop /Public Events Feedback

  • “This year’s Health and Wellness Fair was a success due to your [Imara] participation. On behalf of the IBM Corporation, I want to take this opportunity to Thank you for introducing our employees to alternative type of medicine integrated with traditional health care. The feedback we have received from our employees has been overwhelmingly positive and we are excited about continuing this type of activity in the future. Thank you once again for your involvement.”
    – JL, IBM Corporation
  • “Thanks for a great job again. You should have heard the comments on Friday—MORE , MORE!! Thanks Again. You can be sure that I’ll be after you for some programs for next year. ”
    - Dr. CGD, Employee Development, USDA
  • “Imara, our time with you was all too short but fantastic. You should have heard the last day when the group was chatting about the people we had [presenting] and the things they now understood, etc…..Your name came up in the discussion again, on Wednesday. Great Job. I appreciate it. I’ll be back in touch.”
    - Dr. CGD, USDA
  • “Imara’s blend of mystical knowledge and corporate business background created a fascinating combination—her program was intriguing, yet, she spoke our language.”
    - Corporate Sales Director
  • “The quality of her workshop was better than any I have ever attended. “
    - RS, Registered Nurse
  • “Imara is practical—Whatever she presents, she presents in a way that works in the real world with real people.”
    - California TV and Radio Talk show Hostess
  • “We hired her to entertain our clients and guests---Wow! Everyone was talking about what she said for months—she was a real hit and we’ll be inviting her back next year.”
    – Boston Bank
  • “The energy from the room of your workshop has filled our entire business. Everyone is buzzing and has been lingering in the energy after your events this week-end. That always tells us people are pleased. A good sign.”
    - EWBS, Retail Business Owner
  • “Imara, Thank you, really! My class enjoyed what you offered them and I have several times reinforced your basic premise on learning to trust one’s intuition, especially integrating it with rational material. While I’m not blessed profoundly with your gifts, I certainly and rationally support the reality and legitimacy of them. …..I hope to again see you here at Johnson-Wales University presenting to our students. Again my thanks”
    - Professor Economics, Johnson-Wales University
  • “Thank you for speaking to us. You are an inspirational speaker!
    - University Student
  • “Thank you for bringing us a different perspective on life!
    – University Student
  • “Fabulous—very comprehensive. The information presented and the practical work made me feel confident. I also liked that she sometimes directed me to find the answers on my own so that I really discovered the answer experientially. ”
    – KW, Magazine Publisher
  • “Your workshop was amazing as you masterfully wove our experiences into connective energies of all….guiding us to greater personal peace! I feel so blessed to have been led to you. Look forward to learning more and experiencing your wisdom and light. With much gratitude, Imara, for your special gifts of teaching and healing. ”
    - LC, Life Coach, Teacher, Author
  • “Sending our sons to her Summer Spirit Camp was one of the best things we’ve ever done for them.”
    - KG, Homemaker, Writer
  • “Dear Imara, I just wanted to share with you the impact this class had on everyone. MMM talked non-stop about how excited he was, how many creative thoughts it gave him and how this was the single most profound thing he had ever done in his life….. The second group arrived here and they sat and talked continually for over an hour, processing, sharing experiences and were so full of excitement and enthusiasm. ZZZ felt like her life had changed forever…”
    – KW, Real Estate Industry
  • “ I can’t imagine taking a workshop like this with anyone but Imara.”
    – MT, Investor
  • “Imara is the most grounded, down-to-earth psychic I know.”
    – SS, Retailer and Producer, Human Potential Development Workshops
  • “Thank you for giving me the opportunity to be part of your ABC 7-News report on psychics. It has been a positive experience for all of those who saw the broadcast. Your piece was very good…just not long enough.”
    - LB, Realtor
  • “What I like about her is that she could be the girl-next-door.”
    – TV Producer, Channel 4-Colorado
  • “I never knew this was what an intuitive was like. I expected someone flaky or wacky, but Imara is very much a professional; she really makes sense.”
    – Corporate Meeting Attendee
  • “It’s so refreshing to have a resource that speaks to the real success factors that give companies an edge in today’s marketplace……Imara’s message is a common language we can all apply to our organizations’ daily and overall success. I forward her columns to my colleagues as soon as they are available. In our Leadership meetings, I find we often refer to the presented concepts in one way or another as a way to ground our interactions with each other. Keep up the great work!
    - TM, Managing Principal, Lucent Technologies
  • “Imara Thank you for being a part of GotMarketing’s journey. Your articles were thought provoking, interesting and kind.
    – President, Technology Marketing Firm
  • “Imara it was a pleasure reading your columns…you provide so much enlightening ideas.
    – Staff Member, Silicon Valley Firm
  • “Many thanks for all your help in making “Giggle with the Girls” pilot event a huge success.”
    - Event and Media Producers
  • “Imara is someone who is quietly helping others live up to their potential, one day at a time. If greatness is determined by service, then Imara is someone whose voice should be heard on a much larger scale.”
    – KN, Multiple Workshop Attendee and Host