Integrity 2017

The campaigns are over in America, the offices are being filled with new officials and appointees and now we get to see what integrity the newly-elected officials will demonstrate – locally, as well as nationally. Also on display now is the integrity of each campaign’s ‘losing side’; will they put pride and ideological self-interest aside for the good of the people in a democracy that was founded on diversity coming together in negotiation and compromise, not intransigent extremism? How’s the integrity level in the campaign of your life?

It is not so hard a question to answer, nor does it take much soul-searching. All you need to ask is:

  • Do you do what you say and say what you do?
  • Do you treat people fairly? Or do you behave questionably anyway, just because you think you can get away with it or your victim will not or can not call you on it?

We all know that business as a stereotype and business people individually still suffer a bad rap as greedy, bottom-line, self-serving, (stop me anytime now), ruthless creatures. Unfortunately, for some it is with good reason. But, a smart person of character and integrity understands that running a profitable business or being a successful entrepreneur does not mean that you need forego ethics, integrity, honor.

This is where we find the difference between Success and TRUE Success. A key element in that differentiation is the inner peace one possesses by achieving one’s goals with one’s integrity intact.

Don’t deceive yourself, either. I am not just talking about the overt offenses against integrity—cheating, breaking the law, etc. Those are obvious. What I want to concentrate on here are the more subtle lapses of integrity; the grey areas some try to negotiate, justify, excuse and as referenced in the points mentioned above. Just because you don’t break the law doesn’t mean you have the right to claim that you are conducting your business with integrity and honor. Just because your employer doesn’t know how you really spent your time or that you could have spent less, doesn’t make your behavior right.

  1. Keeping Your Word    All too readily in our micro-wave society, disappearing Snapchat® culture and twitterpated social blasting, we speak without thinking and as if there are no long term consequences to our statements or presentations of self. Out of the fear of losing that customer who wants it yesterday or succumbing to the pressure of the newest competitor appearing on-line, we speak to please despite the truth, we exaggerate our abilities despite our experience, we jump to satisfy without full understanding. Try instead to operate your business or profession by my rule: Always Under-promise and Over-Deliver. Life will be much easier. Your success rate will be higher. Your reputation as someone who does what they say (and beyond) will do wonders for your company and your career.
  2. Walking a mile in another’s moccasins    More commonly, looking at life from the desk of your staff, vendors, associates, etc. will help you to be fair in your assessments and compensation tactics. Yes, there will be those staff and vendors who will take advantage of your willingness to give them another chance, their misstep another look, but most of the time, it will more positively give a better team AND new ideas that arise from looking at situations from alternative angles.
  3. Honesty for Honesty’s Sake    Just because you can get away with cutting a corner here, taking advantage there, Don’t. Cheating will always come back to bite you in the ______ …wallet (What did you think I was going to say?) Universal Law overrides whatever laws of man you think you are smarter than, you pride yourself on manipulating or your simple arrogance to disdainfully cheat others. WHAT YOU STEAL from ANOTHER SHALL BE TAKEN FROM YOU TEN-FOLD.

As we step into this new year with newly-elected governments at every level, continued worldwide political volatility and economic instability, the temptation to justify a lapse in integrity out of your own fears and instinctual need to self-protect will be great. But be forewarned, giving in to such temptation is short-term, reactive and base. Such lack of character, no matter the excuse you use, will actually have the opposite effect of your intention. It will reduce your self-protection, increase professional insecurity and jeopardize you and your family’s long-term stability.

INTEGRITY. It’s the best sleep-aid you will ever need in fearful times. Sweet Dreams,

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